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V - Comic Con 2010 Panel Live Blog and Spoilers

Starting soon....

Promo w no new footage.

Cast and producers announced.

S2: true nature of visitors

Red sky first shot of the war. We will Learn by end of season premiere what it means.

More action Jack in Season 2. More soldier priest not priest soldier.

New allegiances formed.

Tyler: His father will return in S2

Anna's mother will be introduced in premiere and play a big role.

New radical wing of 5th column will also be introduced.

Hobbs is series regular for season 2 and will be forced to pick a side.

We will find out exactly why Anna is interested in Tyler.

We will begin to get more character backstory.

Battle of mothers. With Erika and Lisa's relationship will build while Tyleer will get pushed closer to the Vs.

Big question will be will Erika use Lisa.

Anna's mother's name is Diana and we will see glimpses of home world.

We still don't know if he was given an anuerism.

Elizabeth Mitchell gets a huge roar from crowd when the moderator congrats her on her Emmy nominations.

She thanks fans for nomination.