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Fringe - #SDCC 2010 Panel and Season Details and Spoilers

Cast and producers announced. 
Major themes S3: the road not taken w two worlds to see what happens if certain choices were made and not made. 
We will see Peter and Olivia getting together. 
Seems like moderator accidentally revealed alt Sam's name as Finn?
Anna Torv says she really thinks Sam is real not in Olivia's min
John Noble says he does not think Walternate is evil but just someone who has made ongoing different choices
Lance Reddick avoids question about whether Broyles will figure out there is a mole on his team. 
We will most likely see more of Nina and Peter's past relationship. 
We will get to see where Astrid lives. Jasika Nicole says it is really cool
We will cont to see a mix and balance w mythology and stand alone episodes but we will get hardcore mythological episodes. 
If Leonard Nimov decides to come out of retirement they have a new William bell story
There are more opportunities for Peter in S3 

Various fun fan questions that reveal no spoilers.