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NBC Picks Up Chuck for Season 4?

Here is a new story from TV by the Numbers reporting that a reliable source confirmed Chuck will be picked up for 13 episodes for Season 4.


I’m not able to confirm it yet, but a source that has been very reliable in the past says Chuck has received a standard 13 episode pickup with an option for a back 9. Hardly a shocker if true, unless you were one of those definitively declaring it had zero chance for renewal. If that’s you, please wait for confirmation before going into hiding!

Update: again, my understanding of the deal is that it’s a standard 13+9 order (NBC has the option to order 9 more episodes, commonly referred to as a “back 9″) and that indicates Chuck would be on the fall schedule. Last year (for the current season). Chuck was announced as a mid-season show to begin with last May and there was no “back 9″ attached. Later its air date was pushed up to early January and NBC ordered six additional episodes.

Source: TV by the Numbers