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Fringe - New Season 2 Spoilers - Latest About Peter

Tim in Ann Arbor, Mich.: Fringe is coming back! What does Olivia do about Peter? Does she tell him she knows he comes from the "other side"?
We don't see even a glimmer of Joshua Jackson when Fringe returns April 1, which of course begs the Q: Did producer Julie Plec burst through a high-tech "window" and steal him away to her alternate (Vampire Diaries) universe?! No, but that's what the whole April 1 episode of Fringe is about, and it rocks. Olivia (Anna Torv), furiously confronts Walter (John Noble), who recounts the heartbreaking events that led to his abduction of the other universe's Peter. Our heads still hurt from trying to process all the ramifications, but it seems everyone has doubles in the similar-different alternate universe, and by crossing over Walt did a very bad thing. In all fairness, if Walter hadn't abducted him, both Peters would be dead—and Joey wouldn't have to choose between Dawson and Pacey.

Source: E! Online