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FlashForward - Latest Spoilers About Demitri and Janis

Britney in Rockford, Ill.: Wow, FlashForward was amazing last week! But I'm more concerned with the fates of Mark Benford's cool colleagues, Demetri and Janis. Got any info on them?
That's very rude of you to ignore the other characters on the show. But you're the boss! When we visited the set for FlashForward scoop, both Christine Woods and John Cho offered up some dish on their futures. "Zoey (Gabrielle Union) wants to run off together and avoid this mess, and Demetri wants to stay and solve the mystery," John confessed. "He wants to prevent his death from happening in a very active way." Can't say I blame him. And Janis has baby on the brain! "Janis has decided that she wants a baby, and she's going to do whatever it takes to get one. And we get to see what she does in order to acquire this baby," said Christine.

Source: E! Online