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Smallville - Michael McKean To Return

Could Michael Rosenbaum be next?!

On the heels of my scoop that Annette O’Toole is returning as Ma Kent, executive producer Brian Peterson confirms to me exclusively that Smallville is also bringing back Michael McKean as Perry White at season’s end.

“We’re thrilled to have Michael back on the show,” says Peterson,” and to be able to link it with the anticipated return of Martha Kent is just a phenomenal way to gear up to the end of the season.”

Peterson also reveals that the iconic character’s latest trip through Smallville will bring him “closer to his destiny” than ever before. Reveals Peterson: “We finally get to see the legendary introduction between Perry White and the intrepid Lois Lane.”
O’Toole and McKean (who, as you know, are married in real life) will appear in this season’s penultimate episode (No. 21).

What say you Smallville fans? Stoked beyond belief? Do you think/hope Lex will be next? Sound off below!

Source: EW