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Fringe - 'Winter Finale' Will Contain Huge Cliffhanger

Thanks to fringewatch for the heads up.

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Apparently next week's edition, January 24-30, contains a huge spoilerish article by Damian Holbrook entitled "Fringe Gets Even Freakier."

In the article, executive producers Jeff Pinkner(love him) and Joel Wyman spill some beans about the upcoming episode set to air February 4th, which has been dubbed the 'Winter Finale.' Why? Because after that episode there will be a gruesome 7 week hiatus until the new episodes return again on April 1st. But let's get back to the Winter Finale.

According to Pinkner something happens that prompts the Fringe gang to head to Florida to investigate a case that gets more intense and more 'life-altering' as the hour goes on.

Pinkner adds more: "An event happens and our team realizes that something even worse is going to take place. The only way to identify what and where it's going to happen is if they can trigger Olivia's ability to recognize things from the other side."

Wow! So apparently one of the aftermaths of Olivia's Cortexiphan exposures is she can spot visitors from the AU like the hippie lady in "Momentum Deferred." Hmm, I smell trouble ahead.

According to the article this ability 'has gone dormant,' hence the team traveling to her roots in Jacksonville, Florida to try to turn it back on. Apparently being there stirs up memories and emotions for Olivia, some not so pretty, as you can imagine.

Joel Wyman states,"as a consequence of the testing , she became emotionally pyrokinetic and her ability to see beoynd this realm shut down out of fear."

So, you do the math. If she gets her ability to see people from the AU back, she'll see that her colleague doesn't fit.

In the article Torv says,"It's tough because she doesn't understand. Walter has some hard-core explaining to do!"

If you've been thinking as I have that Walter's Peter-snatching may be the root of the 'war between the worlds' and the terrible blight-state in the AU, according to this article we may be thinking in the right direction.

The article ends with a nice little teaser by Wyman: "One could think that Peter's arrival over here initiated these bad feelings and the state of what is going on over there. The episode we come back with(in April) will answer all of these questions."

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Source: Fringe Television