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FlashForward - TV Guide Magazine Interview

Joseph Fiennes (FBI Agent Mark Benford):
Will Olivia’s [Sonya Walger] relationship with Lloyd [Jack Davenport] cause Mark to start drinking again or is it Mark’s drinking problem that ultimately brings Olivia and Lloyd together?
Jessika Borsiczky What we’ve seen so far in the Mark-Olivia-Lloyd love triangle isn’t all it appears to be. The problems began when Mark started judging Olivia before getting all the evidence. On November 19, Mark is going to find out someone has texted Olivia about his drinking, and that makes him see things differently. He goes on a journey to see who sent the text. Things also get emotional. Finally, I can say that Mark gets an opportunity to revisit his flash with more clarity later this season. We didn’t see the entire 2 minutes and 17 seconds, but it will get rounded out. That further explains his downward spiral and the reactions it causes.
David S. Goyer There may be another reason why Mark drinks that has nothing to do with Lloyd or Olivia. And it may be a much more interesting reason. But we won’t explore that until the second half of the season.

Dominic Monaghan (Simon Campos):
Is Simon a good or bad guy?
Goyer Simon is gray for now, but we learn exactly what he knows on December 3. What’s important is how he and Lloyd differ on their philosophies regarding the flash-forwards. Simon believes we can’t change our destiny. Lloyd believes people need to take responsibility for whatever’s pre-determined. Is Simon bad? People on this show who are heroic will do bad things and people who are bad do heroic things. Let’s leave it at that. Oh, and I’ll tell you that Simon has new information about Somalia and the crow die-off there.
Borsiczky Someone takes responsibility for the flash-forwards on December 3 and we’ll learn much more about what caused them.

John Cho (FBI Agent DemEtri Noh):
My character didn’t experience a flash-forward. What’s up with that? Will I still have a job by the end of the season?
Borsiczky There’s a huge reveal on December 3 about Demetri’s fate. We get crucial information about his murder that radically alters our perspective of his future. We’ve seen already that the future can be changed, but Demetri’s question will be: How difficult is it to change it, and if one person’s future changes, does everyone’s change?

Courtney B. Vance (FBI Director Stanford Wedeck):
Who’s the guy walking around the Detroit stadium when everyone else on Earth was blacked out?
Goyer We can’t answer that yet! Just like we aren’t ready to say what the kangaroo is about or what clues on Mark’s [bulletin] board, like Red Panda Resources and D. Gibbons, mean. But all that will be revealed. We start explaining Red Panda in January. And we will be returning to the stadium between Episodes 15 and 24 more than once. I’ll leave you with some trivia: The reason the stadium is in Detroit is purely because I’m from Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is nearby, and I thought it would be fun to have something in or around where I lived. Also, the name D. Gibbons is an homage to Dave Gibbons, one of the cocreators of the Watchmen comic books.

Where did you get the doll in the photo on the board?
Goyer We auditioned about 40 or 50 dolls. We took them all out to the parking lot at ABC in Burbank one day and used a blowtorch to see which heads melted in the coolest ways. Then I picked the best ones. As for the rest of the board, this won’t necessarily explain the mystery, but it’s kinda interesting: There are two photographs of men on the board. One is of a man in glasses [whose] name is Hugh Everett. He was a famous quantum physicist who came up with the concept of parallel worlds. The other man is his son in real life, who made a documentary about his dad. He also happens to be the front man for the band called Eels. We just think they’re an interesting family.

We’ve been taking bets on this around the set. Who knocked up Janis Hawk [the FBI agent played by Christine Woods]?
Goyer There’s more than one potential candidate. In fact, there’s still debate among the show’s writers on this question. What’s been really interesting is the reaction we’ve gotten to Janis being a pregnant lesbian. A lot of fans are in favor of it and a lot are not. A few totally can’t comprehend it. They don’t know how she can have a baby if she’s also gay. People! She’s not infertile! She’s a lesbian!

Source: TV Guide Magazine

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