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Tell us What Shows to Cover and Win an iTunes Gift Card

UPDATE: You still have few hours left to enter this contest!!

As many of you know, one day LOST and Heroes will end and so the goal with the TV Spoilers page was to be able to still provide you all with the same great spoilers and news coverage for your other favorite shows.

Yes we are considering to potentially make a stand alone page for other shows and/or even a podcast, but for now we have decided to post all spoilers for other shows in the TV Spoilers Section of the site.

We do not cover every show, mainly because the time to actually cover and post this information is just not there. However, we might be able to start covering at least 1-2 more shows.

To see what shows we cover already just use the Drop Down Menu on the top of the site. There are numbers after each show and that is how many posts per show, so a show with a higher number means we are already covering it! :)

So please submit up to 3 other shows you would like us to cover on a regular basis by using the submit button at the top of the page.

Based on the submissions that are sent in, the top 2 shows with the most submissions will be added to the site. If you pick one of the winning shows you will be entered into a drawing for $25 iTunes gift card!! So not only will your show be covered by the site but you also have a chance to win a gift card!!

There are ONLY two requirements to have a chance to win the gift card.

Requirements to Qualify for a chance to win a $25 iTunes Gift Card:

1) Submit up to 3 shows you would like see covered here on TV Spoilers

- You must use a VALID Email address. If you do not use a valid email address then I will not be able to contact the winner and you will be disqualified.

2) Validate via Twitter: All you need to do is let all your friends on Twitter know. So follow @TheODI on Twitter and post the Tweet below. Copy and paste this line on your Twitter account:

Just entered to win a $25 iTunes Gift Card! Just follow @TheODI and see details here ---> http://is.gd/4Av6o #TheODI

NOTE: The winner will be picked at random and will be announced on Sunday November 1st.