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Smallville - Latest Details About Chloe and Clark

Smallville - Latest Details About Chloe and Clark

Thanks to Natalie Abrams.

Few TV love triangles have sparked fan debate like the one between Smallville's Chloe (Allison Mack), Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark (Tom Welling).

On one hand, Chloe is Clark's longtime best friend, and though she has pined hard for the future Man of Steel, lately their relationship has been strained. On the other hand, it's hard to overlook the Superman mythology that says Lois and Clark are pretty much destined to be together. But Chlark 'shippers still haven't given up hope that the chemistry between Clark and Chloe will turn into something more.

So, TVGuide.com asked executive producer Kelly Souders to settle the debate once and for all: Will Clark and Chloe ever have a romantic relationship?

"I hate saying never because it's Smallville," Souders says. "But this year, fans will see that both of them have maybe moved on to people who are strangely more suited for each other."

Souders says Chloe and Clark's individual character development has created some basic differences between them.

"When you think of a guy who has just walked through life and had all the power in the world — even though he's had troubles, it's not such a challenge for him in some ways," Souders says. "Chloe is somebody who's had a lot of trauma in her life and has done an amazing job of pulling herself up by her bootstraps. But it gives both of them a very different outlook on life. In some ways, they were much more similar when they were younger [and] were more na├»ve about the world. They've both grown up a lot and Chloe has really come into her own, just as Clark has."

Even if romance is out of the question, fans of the duo's friendship needn't worry. "Their friendship will start blossoming again and they will come back together," Souders adds.

Source: TV Guide