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Kirk Acevedo Confirms Fringe Firing via Facebook!?

**UPDATED** Our friends at FringeTelevision have reported that they have an inside source that has confirmed the firing. Also, if you add to the fact that we just posted a new casting call for an FBI agent, it seems like this is a done deal.


Hey All,
I just received an email from a reader of the site with a screencap of Fringe Actor Kirk Acevedo's Facebook where he claims that he has been "fired" from Fringe!?

This is definitely a sign of the times and something you rarely hear. An actor being fired. Usually an actor and a show part their ways or a character is killed off the show. However, he claims being wronged and with the show currently in hiatus, this seems awfully strange.

I assume there were some contract issues that caused this, but here is the screencap of his Facebook page.

I personally liked his character FBI Agent Charlie Francis and thought he fit well with the other cast members.

Thanks to CM for the heads up.

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