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Dexter - SDCC Panel Live Blogging and Season 5 Spoilers

Sorry for the formatting the internet signal was causing a glitch in posting

6:00 New online game here at comic con is a scavenger hunt

Two different trailers showing. One for online webisode graphic novel and official Dexter video game.

Premiere date Sept 26

Official Season 5 Trailer shows direct continuation of Season 4. Shows mainly Dexter dealing with loss of Rita.

Will post part of trailer later.

6:10 Cast and producers announced and appear on stage.

Michael C hall confirms it was sad to see Julie Benz leave.

- Debra will take a larger role as the kids aunt this season.
- Debra still trying to get rid of ghost of previous relationships.
- Dexter's confidence is his greatest weakness and leads to his punishment.
- Harry will still be fundamental voice in many of Dexter's decisions.
- Theme of this season experiences uncharted territory. Single father and dealing with loss of Rita. Julia Stiles character will be a part of his new adventures. The effect on the children is also a large part. Trailer shows Aster blaming Dexter.
- Currently filming episode 4.

6:30 Various fan questions about what was best, fun, shocking scene being filmed.
- Jennifer Carpenter says she is waiting for how Debra will react to find out.
- Fan says F cancer when asking question to MCH and crowd goes crazy!
- Jennifer Carpenter confirms cursing in everyday life.
- Guest stars announced. All previously reported.
- First TV show for Julia Stiles so they are looking forward to working with her.