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Dexter - New Season 5 Spoilers and Casting News

Dexter - New Season 5 Casting Spoilers

The cast of Dexter will gather in early June to shoot Rita's funeral. I'm crying already...

In preparation, the Showtime series is on the
lookout for a funeral director and several mourners. Expect a closed casket, as Julie Benz will be busy following up her stint on Desperate Housewives by playing a super speedy mother in ABC's No Ordinary Family.

There will also be some new faces gathering around Dexter to fill the void left by Rita's tragic death. An "Agent Walker" will be a new male face at the FBI quarters, while a sweet 60-something couple named Molly and Bill should provide Dexter and his sister Debra with some much-needed extra hands in the raising of motherless kids Astor, Cody and Harrison.

Source: TV Guide Magazine