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Glee - Latest About Will and Terri's Future

Question: What are the odds Will and Terri will get back together on Glee? I know she’s been a psycho to Will, but I kind of like them together. —Kristin
Ausiello: You’re not gonna like it, but I have a definitive answer for you. “No, no, no!” series creator Ryan Murphy blusters. “They have a horrible divorce that starts [later this season]. They are making each other miserable.” Adds Matthew Morrison: “[Will] is fully realizing the extent of the negativity and the toxicity of that marriage. He realizes that he was married to a crazy person.” On the other hand, how’s this for a crazy counterpoint? Jessalyn Gilsig, who plays the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Schuester says, “I do think she and Will will reunite at some point. It’s unfinished [so] I think they will have another chapter at some point.” Besides, she continues, “Terri is actually growing and learning from her mistakes.”

Source: EW