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Fringe - Musical Episode Details

Move over, Glee! Come April 29th, another Fox fave will be getting its song on. While visiting the set of the just renewed Fringe, TV Guide Magazine chatted with members of the Vancouver-based cast and got some details on “Overture,” their upcoming (and downright inspired) musical episode.

“Oh, it’s gonna be a blast,” enthused Lance Reddick, who plays Fringe Division tough guy Phillip Broyles. “It’s basically Walter telling a bedtime story to Olivia’s niece and so it has these extreme versions of [the cast].” Among the highlights we can reportedly expect from the nourish fantasia are Reddick’s Broyles tickling the ivories and taking on a Traffic tune, Jasika Nicole’s Astrid performing a ditty from “A Chorus Line,” and Anna Torv’s usually stoic Agent Olivia Dunham vamping it up as a private eye…as well as being serenaded by the last person you’d imagine. “I sing a song to Olivia, which is certainly confusing,” laughs Blair Brown, clearly relishing the oddity of her tech-firm bad-ass Nina Sharp breaking into song. Then again, it wouldn’t be Fringe if things weren’t a little freaky, right?

Are you as jazzed about this musical episode as we are? Sing your praises or the blues in the comments below.

Source: TV Guide Magazine