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FlashForward - David Goyer Steps Down as Show Runner

FlashForward - David Goyer Steps Down as Show Runner

"FlashForward" is getting another new showrunner.

Co-creator David Goyer is stepping down from his role running the series, sources confirmed. The "Dark Knight" scribe will still be "involved" with the show, but will focus on feature films and directing. The news follows co-creator Marc Guggenheim leaving the series back in October and was replaced as lead showrunner by Goyer. The new showrunner for "FlashForward" is not yet clear.

Goyer had limited hands-on TV series experience, so "Eli Stone" co-creator Guggenheim was brought in after his "FlashForward" pilot received a pickup to help with the launch of the mystery drama based on Robert Sawyer's novel.

The news comes as the show is set to return March 18

Source: THR