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Fringe - New Season 2 Spoilers - Latest About Peter

Fringe - New Season 2 Spoilers - Latest About Peter

Question: When are we going to get some background info about Peter on Fringe? We know he is from the alt universe, but other than that we know very little about him. —Emily
Ausiello: I have a hunch we’ll learn more in the April 1 episode, titled “Peter.” “It’s a window into the mysteries of Peter that have been promised since the first season,” explains consulting producer Akiva Goldsman. “It’s an episode that’s fundamentally about his relationship to Walter and the truth of where they are right now, which is pretty revelatory to the characters and hopefully the audience.” Will he finally find out that he’s from ‘over there’? “By the end of [the Feb. 4 episode] and into [the April 1 episode] questions about Peter’s identity and mortality go a long way towards being answered.”

Question: When are we going see some development in the Peter/Olivia relationship on Fringe? —Serena
Ausiello: “The romantic elements of their relationship will come forward pretty soon,” teases Akiva Goldsman. “Like any courtship, it wanes, and then it comes back again. So that’s going to make another move forward [on Feb. 4], and then we’ll keep addressing it throughout the season.”

Question: I want to know if they’re ever going to use Special Agent Amy Jessup again on Fringe. I thought she was going to be Charlie’s replacement, then she just disappeared. —Emma
Ausiello: Responds Akiva Goldsman: “You have not seen the last of Agent Jessup.” And what about Charlie? “I plead the Fifth on that one.”

Source: EW