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FlashForward - Episode 1x18 - Casting Call

FlashForward - Episode 1x18 - Casting Call

[CARLINE] 50s.. Caucasian. Matronly. Quietly powerful. Owner of a fish store with a more nefarious agenda...GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE RECURRING
[MAGGY] 70s. African American. A spitfire, doesn't suffer fools lightly & a little frail. Is a patient of Olivia, needs a critical surgery to save her life...GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE RECURRING

[DR. IVAN BARSHADSKY] 40s.. Caucasian. Burly. An academic, holder of a PhD. Expert on photography. Assists in analyzing photos...CO-STAR

[WAITER] 20s-30s, Male, Afgani. Afghani waiter in Afghanistan equivalent to Starbucks who serves tea to a customer. Dialogue is in Pashto...CO-STAR

[MALIK] 30s, Afghani. Observant, on guard, he has a sad personal story, having experienced a recent tragic loss. A highly intelligent operator in an underground organization, he embarks on a dangerous mission. Some dialogue is in Pashto...GUEST STAR.

[NILES COREY] 50s, Caucasian. Bearded, long-haired antiquities professor. An enthusiastic hippy type (like the “Dude” in The Big Lebowski). He helps decipher an artifact...GUEST STAR.

[DR. RAHNI VERMA] Late 40s, Female, East Indian. Attractive, calm. Examines a patient at a routine appointment. Gives the patient a stern warning...CO-STAR

[AFGHANI ASSAILANT] 20s-30s, Male, Afghani. Aggressive, violent. He yells at someone while trying to take custody of him. Dialogue in Pashto...CO-STAR

[ROLFE] 30s, Caucasian, Male, a cheerful German immigrant illegally raising ferrets in LA. He's busted by the cops, and must resort to drastic measures to prevent his family from being deported...CO-STAR

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