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Smallville - Zatanna to Return in Episode Titled Warrior

Smallville - Zatanna to Return in Episode Titled Warrior

It’s magic – of the very, very best kind - as The CW's Smallville welcomes back Serinda Swan as sexy spellcaster Zatanna later this season. Swan first played Zatanna in last season's "Hex" episode, when the comely conjurer granted Chloe's birthday wish by depositing her into Lois' body. Zatanna then sought out her late father's diary, grappling with Green Arrow along the way.

“There was always the hint that she might return one day, so I was keeping my fingers crossed," Swan tells TV Guide Magazine. "I love the cast and I really like the character."

This time, Swan will appear in an early 2010 episode tentatively titled "Warrior." As for the why of Zatanna's return, the show is keeping super-silent. "But knowing the character and what she's capable of, it's going to be something pretty interesting," the actress teases.

Having aced her Smallville audition by recording Zatanna's spells onto her iPod, then playing them back and studying them in reverse, Swan says, "I'm definitely going to have to brush up on my backwards-speaking. It was a fine art to learn!"

Since her first Smallville appearance, Swan has kept busy with roles in the feature films “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” (in theaters February 12) and the sci-fi sequel “Tron Legacy” (due out it December 2010).

Source: TV Guide