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The Mentalist - Filming Update

The Mentalist - Filming Update

Thanks to Heath for the report.

This is what I can confirm is 100% accurate.

They shot 4 days at the Holiday Inn in Burbank, CA. They shot 2 days in the restaurant back dining room, and 2 days in the big ballroom and hotel lobby. Now there is a murder of course. I couldn't confirm where the murder took place but here is my guess because of this information:

They used the Holiday Inn as the name of the hotel was changed to : Rancho Rosa Inn. And the hotel was holding a high school reunion for Rancho Rosa High. The reunion was for the class of 95. But the funny tidbit : one of the actors was a tall blond Paris Hilton look a like. Now I don't know if the script called for that but the buzz was she was a look a like. Most of the shoot was with Simon B
aker and Robin Tuney.

Just a side note : Simon and Robin were very liked and were really cool.

That's all I could get but hope this info was useful. The episode will air before Christmas.

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