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Fringe - Latest from TV Guide Magazine - Leonard Nimoy

Sounds like the bell is indeed about to ring for the last time for Leonard Nimoy’s Dr. William Bell character on Fox’s Fringe. At the Star Trek DVD launch party, the actor told, us, “I agreed to do three episodes; and we’ve filmed all three. Two have aired, so I will be on the air in one more. And that’s the extent of my commitment.”

That sounds pretty final to us. Nimoy last appeared on Fringe's October 8 episode in a flashback scene that further explored Olivia's alternate reality journey, originally revealed in last May's season finale. His third and perhaps final appearance will air in the December 10 episode, "Grey Matters," as yet another flashback—but this time to a different setting.

Has Nimoy's arc paid off as you'd hoped, or are you feeling a little short-changed? And what are you hoping the show will reveal about the mysterious Dr. Bell before he boldly exits the series?

Source: TV Guide Magazine

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