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Fringe - Summary of Spoilery Tweets from Tweet-Peat

Here is a summary of some the spoilery Tweets from the Tweet-Peat via the cast and proucers.

Thanks to Fringe Television for the details:

@lost815 Who was the #Observer talking to at the beginning of the arrival?
Jeff Pinkner: Well, his mother, of course! -- that answer will come in season two

@Primulablue Will there be more clues embedded in the show to figure out this season, such as last season's mysterious icons?
Joel Wyman: Yes, there will be many more clues embedded in the show this year. Keep a CLOSE eye.

@LiasonFan1 Can't wait for the new season. Can u give my Peter a little love life pretty please
Joel Wyman: Peter will FOR SURE have some romantic involvment this season. (But NO nudity, I'm afraid -- they would move us to cable!!!)

@FringeTV Does The Observer work for William Bell?
Jeff Pinkner: No, The Observer does not work for Wm Bell...

@jonxproductions If the Observer is "September" when will we meet "October"?
Jeff Pinkner: We will learn much more about The Observer in the coming season.

@Traciebee When does season 2 take place?
Joel Wyman: We pick up this season only a few hours after the season finale.

@pj179 So how many dimensions are you going to be working with. More than just 2?
Jeff Pinkner: According to string theory there are infinite universes... but we will only be dealing with 2!

@carihindman so will you get to go to the other dimension? Is that were ZFT is?
John Noble: We are still considering who will and when will they cross into the other dimension

Jeff Pinkner: Did you notice the books in the girl's apt? "Childhood's End." Clue?

Jeff Pinkner: "He is here" Makes you wonder who HE is. [William Bell?]

Jeff Pinkner: Look for more #Grayson in season two. He's gonna be VERRRRRY helpful. [Emmanuel Grayson, the Trekkie seen in The Road Not Taken]

John Noble: The alternate reality reveal is critical to the end of Season 1 and ALL of Season 2

@usefultheory Will we ever get an explanation for the short animation/graphics we see before commercials?
Jeff Pinkner: The graphics before commercials are a CODE. Can you break it? [The code has already been cracked]

Joshua Jackson:2 "We should come up with names for all the "alts". Alt-livia, Walter-nate, Alt-strid Farnsworth."