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FlashForward with G-Man: 1x01 "No More Good Days" Recap

Well hi there! While I am more accustomed to writing movie reviews, I figured I’d give this a shot as I plan on watching FlashForward. The concept alone has me very intrigued and from the outset, it looks like it might be a pretty neat little show.

Before I get started, I want to clear a few things up:

1) This is NOT an authoritative perspective on FlashForward. I am simply a member of the television-viewing masses that has been afforded a voice on this matter. My thoughts and opinions hold no more weight and credibility than anyone else’s.

2) I refuse to compare this show to Lost. A lot of that has been going leading up to the premiere and there are tons of Lost fans out there already comparing and contrasting the two. To me, this makes no sense. FlashForward is not a spin-off of Lost, so there is nothing but the larger sci-fi/fantasy/mystery genre to hold them both next to. I aim to examine the show based on its own merits and faults. Comparing it to Lost (or any other show for that matter) is a waste of time and will only leave you frustrated.

3) I have not read the book that this series is loosely based on but I know a little bit about it.

4) At this point, I’m going to avoid any theorizing for two reasons. First, it’s still so early in the story and there hasn’t been enough information dispensed to make any kind of guesses as to what’s going on. Second, theorizing spawns favoritism. Once someone cooks up a good theory, people get attached to it and are then disappointed when the story doesn’t take that direction. I’m not going to theorize because I don’t want to disappoint myself.

Now then, on we go…
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