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FlashForward - Will You Watch Tonight!?

Easily one of the most anticipated and hyped shows in awhile airs tonight. I have seen countless clips and the sneak peek from Comic Con. The panel was exciting and the concept is great.

As a LOST fan, it is a very intriguing show with several references and nods to LOST and my good friend SNLForever has even compiled a small list of just a few of the references. Yes I know there are even more!

Of course LOST Actors Dominic Monaghan and Sonya Walger are a part of the ensemble cast, but how about these:

- There is a character named Charlie.
- One of the main characters is a doctor.
- Numbers are a key role in the show.
- One of the characters goes to AA meetings. (Christian)
- Takes place in LA.
- The first shot of the pilot is relative to the shot we saw of Jack in the pilot of LOST. ("waking up" hearing people screaming)
- Oranges (Locke and his Orange peel)

Not to mention the recently announced title to Episode 1x04 as "Black Swan".

So whether you are a LOST fan or not will you be watching when the world will FlashForward for 2:17 tonight!?!?

Vote and let us know below: