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Fringe - The Observer Appears at an NFL Game!!

**UPDATED** Video added below.

Hey All,
With the NFL playoffs starting last week, the networks are using the time to market all of the returning new shows.

Today's game (NY Giants v Phil Eagles) is on FOX and guess who shows up unannounced and not even mentioned!? Yup, The Observer from Fringe!!

Now I am not sure if he has appeared in earlier games or will appear again or even if the reporters know who is being shown, but this was the first time I caught a glimpse of him.

Check it out below and if you see The Observer, please take a picture or screencap and send them in!!

NOTE: Is it part of the pattern that I happened to take the image with "16" seconds showing on the play clock!? LOL a little shout out to the LOST fans out there.

(Click to Enlarge)

Thanks to YT user Heavyraines17 for the video